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Started on May 28th, 2024

Shopify App: Testimonials on Metaobjects

A Shopify app to add Testimonials to the store by leveraging Shopify's Metaobjects.

Boost trust in your store with Testimonials using Metaobjects & customizable pre-designed blocks for your theme

Testimonials on Metaobjects enables you to enrich your store's content with hand selected user feedback and voices, boosting trust in your store.

They are built on Shopify's native Metaobjects to provide you with data ownership, unchanged performance, and good SEO.

The app creates the metaobject definition for you, explains the content management steps, and provides you with theme blocks to use in the template editor.


  • Stored as Metaobjects in your store. Output limited to 1000 entries by Shopify.
  • Server-side rendered with Liquid: Good for SEO, performance, and compatibility.
  • Customizable, pre-designed storefront blocks: Easily integrate it in your store.
  • Developer-friendly: Customize all blocks using your own custom CSS styling.
  • Shopify API: Use the official Shopify API to manage entries programmatically.
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